Italy deploys city buses as smog monsters

As an experiment, four buses in Italy have been implemented with a filter on the roof that “eats” smog and purifies air; while it travels. The filters pick up PM2.5 and PM10, and are being tested for optimal usage.

A similar experiment has been launched 2 years ago, with a trial in Southampton. In 2020 this trial has been extended to Oxford, Plymouth, Newcastle, Manchester, Crawley and Brighton.

In Southampton, the buses removed 65 g (the weight of a tennis ball) from the air in a 100-day period. Go-Ahead chief executive David Brown: “Our Our air-filtering system has exceeded all expectations in how it can benefit the environment. We believe the air-filtering bus provides a quick win for councils as they explore initiatives such as clean air zones to tackle toxic pollution.

Source: Innovation Origins, BBC

Photo by Levi Ari Pronk on Unsplash
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