Why is my Status LED blinking?

The Status LED blinks when the device is on, but not connected to the internet (Wi-Fi). If the flashing pattern is off for 2 seconds and on for 1 second, then the problem is within the detector – Wi-Fi system. For example, because the Wi-Fi password has not been entered correctly. If the blink pattern …

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Why is my status LED always on?

Congratulations! Your detector is correctly connected to your Wi-Fi network and the AeroCount server. You cannot disable this function. If this causes problems, please contact us. Is your Status LED lit without flickering, but you do not see any data in the connected (web) application account? You have a unique situation that we have not encountered …

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I forgot my token words.

Resetting the detector, requires it to be reconnected to your Wi-Fi network. The 5 token words belonging to your device will be shown during the reconnection process.

I can’t connect the detector to my Wi-Fi network.

Make sure your Wi-Fi is working properly by using another device connected to your Wi-Fi network. Check whether you have correctly remembered and entered your own Wi-Fi network password when connecting the AeroCount particulate matter detector to your Wi-Fi network. (For example, by forgetting the network on your computer/laptop/phone/tablet and reconnecting to your Wi-Fi network.) …

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How can I track my order?

You can track your order on the PostNL website using the Track & Trace code that has been sent to you by email, after confirmation of shipment. Click here to track your order.

My payment has failed. How do I solve this?

In the event of a failed payment, you can contact our customer service via email, telephone or WhatsApp. Customer service will then send a new payment link by email.

Waarom knippert mijn Status LED?

De Status LED knippert als het apparaat aanstaat, maar het geen verbinding heeft met het internet (Wi-Fi). Als het knipperpatroon 2 seconden uit en 1 seconden aan is, dan ligt het probleem binnen het detector-WiFi systeem. Bijvoorbeeld omdat het Wi-Fi wachtwoord niet goed is ingevuld. U kunt het apparaat opnieuw koppelen met Wi-Fi door de …

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Waar kan ik mijn tokenwoorden vinden?

Druk de reset knop 3 seconden in. De detector gaat opnieuw in de Wi-Fi verbindingsstatus. Verbind met uw smartphone of computer met het netwerk van de detector (AeroCount Monitor). De pop-up komt opnieuw tevoorschijn en u krijgt uw 5 tokenwoorden opnieuw te zien. Geen pop-up scherm? Ga dan naar “” in uw webbrowser. 

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